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My Milani dark lips adventure 

Hi guys,

I have been vacationing in Canada for some weeks now and I felt that my trip would be incomplete without trying out some Milani makeup products so I went to Superstore to buy some. I was immediately attracted to the lipsticks, especially the dark ones so I decided to give Milani dark lipsticks a go. The lipsticks are creamy, smooth, fill up the lips real quickly and last for hours.

So here are the pictures showing my Milani dark lips adventure ❤

I bought Milani Black cherry lipstick, matte Fearless and double espresso. 

This is Black cherry up close. It’s pure dark cherry and great for an evening look.

Here is Milani Matte Fearless lipstick up close. It starts out creamy and ends up matte. This is my favorite ❤💋

And lastly double espresso up close. It’s dark coffee lipstick and great for day to night.

The lipsticks were a great buy because I got value for my money. You should go try them!


6 responses to “My Milani dark lips adventure ”

  1. Love the lippies!!!

  2. they look amazing on you…I love the espresso lip 🙂

  3. Thanks. I love them too

  4. Thanks. Yes I do love it too!

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