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My Incredible Summer Part 3

Hi guys,

Last post, I shared with you my visit to Cozumel Island in Mexico. For this post, I will be sharing my Cayman Island and Montego Bay experience with you. 

It took us a day on the Carnival Magic cruise ship to get to Cayman Island from Cozumel. My most memorable shore excursion remains the Grand Cayman Island.

Exotic, beautiful, romantic, exciting, colorful, warm, memorable – these are a few words to describe Cayman Island. From the tour bus to trip around the entire island and the shopping, Cayman Island was incredible. To start with, our tour guide had an amazing sense of humor so you can imagine how much fun we had aboard the tour bus while visiting the island. 


Carnival magic dorked at Cayman Island

The kids at Tortuga

Cayman Island is known for its pirates history and hunt for lost treasures; the Cayman parrot, Iguanas, turtles and Tortuga rum, which is an import from neighboring Jamaica

Cayman parrot

Cayman turtles and iguanas

 After our trip to Tortuga, we went round the entire George Town and the rest of the island. My favorite spot was the Cayman turtle farm, which is the largest turtle farm in the world.


I was given the opportunity to show some love to a turtle! 😊

Cayman is also known for its black coral stone which are made into jewelries. I bought a pair of Cayman black coral earrings but can’t seem to know where I kept them 😕. Am not crying yet because I know it is somewhere around.

After a memorable stay at Cayman Island, we went back to the cruise ship. Next day, we forked at Montego Bay in Jamaica.


The family at Montego bay

Montego Bay is an equally beautiful and exotic island that is remarkably hot! I thought Nigeria was hot until I got to Cayman Island and Montego Bay. At Montego Bay, we did a whole lot of shopping. My husband and I are both lovers of handcrafted local jewelries so while he bought some wrist bands, I bought jewelries, dresses and toys. 

handcrafted Jamaican earrings

handcrafted Jamaican bangles

My daughter got a Jamaican doll

While my son got a hand-crafted car!

Montego Bay was our last shore excursion. So we spent the remaining few days on the ship. I fell in love with the Carribean sea

Now back in Texas, I can say that Carnival cruise gave me the most memorable part of our incredible summer so far!

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