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My Incredible summer Part 2

Hi guys,

So the story of my memorable summer continues. In my previous post, I shared with you my vacation in London. My next stop has been the United States of America. Our flight touched Dallas mid afternoon and by the next morning, we were on our way to Galveston where we were to go aboard the Carnival Magic cruise ship. The ship was a magnificent sight: it was huge and beautiful. It took us about three hours to pass through boarding and check in, which wasn’t pretty at all, especially when you are traveling with kids.  By the time we checked into our room, we where exhausted and hungry. Thankfully, we had a shore excursion at Cozumel, Mexico the next day.

My kids at least, created their own excitement.

Our first shore excursion was at Cozumel, Mexico


Carnival Magic @ Cozumel Island
We disembarked from the ship to go aboard the yellow tour boats which took us to Isla Passion private beach on Cozumel Island. We cruised for forty-five minutes on the Mexico waters before reaching Isla Passion. The beach was beautiful – it had a massage area where tourists could receive thirty minutes massages; a food court where I sampled Margaritas 😋 and local meals. The beach had a play area where the kids had plenty of fun

Even my daughter was able to do what she loves most – coloring

We spent a couple of hours in Isla passion before heading back to Cozumel Island to do some shopping.

Cozumel is a beautiful and exotic location; the tour company was great and with warm and happy tour guides, we truly enjoyed our stay. 

Our next stop was the Cayman Island.


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