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My family welcomes a new bride

Hi guys,
How y’all doing? It’s been a while … I know… I have been busy learning a new skill – the art of baking. I am never content with mastering one skill but constantly learning new things – my own way of enriching my life. Besides that, I travelled to my native home town in Benue State of Nigeria to attend my dear cousin’s wedding. Nigeria is a very large country so traveling from Lagos to Benue was moving from one extreme to another. If one were to go by road transport, it would take ten hours to make it to Benue. Not easy. But thank God for an airplane!

I had a great time with family – it was a reunion but most importantly, it was fun making my cousin’s very beautiful bride up for the wedding ceremony. I love weddings because I love the way makeup transforms brides into princesses on their special day and how such transformation elevates the spirits of the brides and transcends their disposition, attitude and confidence all through the ceremony. Some brides actually walk on air when the makeup is complete. My cousin’s bride felt this way.

Warning though: the pictures are not too good.

Here is the bride before makeup:


Here she is after makeup:



Our lovely couple:


As for the baking, I am getting there but I am back to blogging again.

Cheers guys!

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