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My Anti – Valentine makeup

Not everyone cares about Valentine’s Day celebration; all the romance and cliches can be boring for some. Good news though, this year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday! So, even though you hate the celebration, what stops you from hitting the club and partying your way into the weekend, right? And what better way to kick-start that than by wearing the right makeup?

So, for this look, I ditched the romantic flair of valentine makeup and went for something strong, dramatic and a look that says ”don’t mess with me”. I love strong women so naturally, this makeup is strong and powerful for the strong woman.

For this look, I used:

Mary Kay concealer bronze 1

Maybelline dream matte mouse Cocoa

Flori Roberts pressed powder

Zaron blush

Mary Kay berry kiss lipstick worn over Zaron brick chick lip liner

And on the eyes, shadows from my palette and 17 cream shimmer blue eye shadow.

Here I am looking pissed about the Valentine..

anti valentine makeup
so who cares about Valentine, right?


Perfect look for a night out with Power Girls on Valentine’s Day

anti valentine makeup

Have fun on Valentine’s Day!

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  1. gorgeous makeup look, we love it!
    xoxo Vera & Rony

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