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My 2017 Faves

Happy New Year guys! Welcome to 2018!

As excited as I am about the new year, I can’t help but reminisce about my favorite things of 2017.

1. Labelle Pink Latte Liquid lipstick:

I love this lipstick because it is super soft, smooth and creamy and very easy to apply. When dry, it is matte but moisturizing at the same time. This lipstick lasts the entire day even after drinking and eating. I especially love the soft shade of purple and is great for someone like me who loves matte lipsticks and hate to touch up makeup.

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2. Western Leather perfume by Alexandre J

One of my 2017 faves is this Alexandre J perfume – Western Leather purchased from La Maison du parfum at Antwerp. Elegant, gorgeous and sophisticated perfume. Gosh! How I love you 😘 😀

3. Jewelry by Ola house of accessories I love jewelry and Ola house of accessories made 2017 beautiful for me with statement handmade jewelry. Makes stepping out in style pretty easy.

Get Ola on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/olahouseofaccessories

4. Miniso browlash liner I have used a lot of brow liner but this Miniso brow liner is totally awesome. It is so easy to use and makes precision lining totally easy. Miniso is a Honk Kong brand I recently stumbled on. I love the fact that the liner comes with a mini brow or lash brush for perfect lining.

5. Glenfiddich single malt scotch whisky I casually refer to this single malt whisky as Mr Glen 😀 or Uncle Glen when I can’t get enough of it. Mr Glen is one of my faves from 2017 because I was introduced to it that year by my wonderful husband and I haven’t stopped befriending it 😀 ever since. This whisky is the smoothest I have ever had and either served straight up or as cocktail, it is totally exceptional.

2017 moves pretty fast and even though it was both smooth and rough, it was a memorable year. Am excited about 2018.

Good luck in 2018!

Much love!

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