Celebrating true African beauty

Melanin skincare: Fighting Colourism

I hear this very often: “am only beautiful when I am lighter”
or “My man loves light skinned women so I have to bleach my skin for him.”
Or “Lighter people are prettier”

And then of course, I hear this a lot! “Your product darkened me. This is why I don’t like organic products “

And then I ask myself this: why would I choose to harm and damage my skin when I can preserve my skin, nourish it and protect it using nature’s abundant gifts? Why would I want to have dry, patched, wrinkly skin caused by harsh skin bleaching chemicals when I can have supple, soft and healthy skin that seems to defying the law of aging? 😀 Oh yes, because natural beauty products are so rich in antioxidants and nutrient-rich goodness that protects your skin from harm or damage and rejuvenates your skin that even you will be amazed.

I can’t say this more than enough – we do not make products that will make you two shades or more lighter because we are only committed to making products that celebrates our true African beauty and values. Our products do not contain bleaching ingredients so don’t expect them to make you whiter because they will not. Our products do the following: they nourish, moisturize and protect your skin and also heal the skin where repair is needed. Our brightening products exfoliate your skin and gets rid of dead cells clogging your pores to reveal your natural, glowing complexion that is hidden underneath the debris of dead cells. That is why we formulate our products with alpha hydroxy acids, pure goat milk and plant extracts to cleanse your skin from inside out and what you get is a natural glow and not a lighter complexion. And yes, our products may darken you but that’s only because you’ve been using some lightening products to lighten your complexion. We know our products work and we are proud of our products and our gorgeous melanin dripping customers that have refused to alter their complexion, a mentality caused by colonialism that gradually brainwashed black people into thinking that they are only beautiful when they are lighter in complexion. Colourism is a real psychological problem that is causing black people to bleach their skin and expose them to harmful chemicals that damage their skin. Africans are a collection of radiant and beautiful queens and kings and our beauty is so unique that people marvel at it. At Ene Naturals, we are celebrating our true African beauty and we will encourage you to celebrate your true natural self. Much ❤️

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