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May Issue of the Bronze Goddess E-zine

Phew! Finally, the May Issue of my blog’s online magazine is ready to be published! So glad it is just a blog publication, else I would have been fired! How y’ all doing? I went on a well deserved vacation, too bad it affected my concentration and delayed the E-zine. Better late than ever, I should say!

Oh well, meet this Monty’s publication:


This month, my posts are on makeup tips on looking like a celeb and tricks we could employ to flaunt a flawless, picture perfect glowing skin! Which brought me to focusing on makeup trends and new products for that Hollywood glam you yearn and of course, the revolution in makeup that is bridging the gap between makeup and skincare. I sure do hope you enjoy this Month’s issue:

Look like a celeb:

Sheer beauty: tip for luminous look

Makeup tips: Lipsticks on the eyes

Big, sexy eyes

Cover girl makeup

Happy reading!

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