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Makeup review: Inglot matte purple lipstick

Am a new Inglot convert. I have grown to love the eye shadows and powders but I was yet to try the lipstick until last week. I bought Inglot purple matte lipstick 282. I fell in love with the shade of purple because it’s not dark but hot, rosy-like purple that I adore. I also opted for the matte lipstick because Nigeria is summer all year round as such, I love everything matte makeup and long wear makeup. When it comes to purchasing makeup, my favorite hash tags are: matte wear. Long wear.

I love long wear matte makeup because they can withstand Nigeria’s humid weather. So you can imagine why I wanted the Inglot lipstick. Here is how it looked:

My verdict:

The lipstick appears creamy to touch and even shiny like gloss when applied on the lips. It dries after a while but not totally, which is disappointing. What you get is a semi-matte lipstick with a shine that does not go away until your first sip of a glass of drink and the lipstick starts to fade almost immediately. For someone who hates to constantly reapply makeup, this lipstick was bothersome.

It’s not terrible as I love the shade but I would have wanted it to live up to its name. 

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