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Makeup is my new mantra

I just had a baby and realized that sitting at home nursing my baby was leaving me bored, lonely and suffering mood swings. For we Nigerians, when we put to bed, our family members rally round us, which I am benefiting but the reality is that the family members do have jobs and businesses to attend to. So while they come handy in taking care of your needs and your baby’s, they also have their own lives to live. I soon realized that I was left alone and because new babies sleep for the most time, I was left with no one to talk to.

In dealing with the loneliness, I turned to social networking sites to keep me company but I realized it did not help much because for the most time, I was not communicating in real time; and when it was real time, we were not seeing each other. But then, one day, I decided to pick myself up so I could uplift my spirit; I turned to my makeup. Coming up with a new look gave me the needed excitement that I was longing for and before long, I was changing my hair style, putting on some makeup and taking pictures. My spirit was high afterwards and my confidence level bounced back.


We all have our mantras but I have learnt over the years that makeup has served me far more than I could ever imagine. You may disagree but when you look good, you feel good. So don’t take yourself for granted at all. No matter your condition, try the most you can to make yourself look and feel beautiful.

so, what is your mantra?

2 responses to “Makeup is my new mantra”

  1. I really like the look of these golden tones together, it’s a very pretty make up look! What’s extra great about it too, is that it works for daytime or nighttime!

  2. Thanks! And it is simple to apply too! cheers!

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