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Makeup & beauty guide for the Cold, Christmas Season

Hi guys, compliments of the season! I am so down with cold and all thanks – or not! – to the cold, dusty wind! This cold, dusty wind which blows in from the desert is called Harmattan in Nigeria. In some parts of Nigeria, the air is so foggy, planes are unable to land in airports. The weather is cold, very dusty and of course, causes cold and flu; dry, cracked skin and lips, and excessively dry skin. Harmattan is Nigeria’s baby winter – if I might say; and I know Christmas is celebrated across the world in winter’s cold. Besides flu and cold, your skin suffers as well. The excessively dry weather leaves our skin dry causing cracked and flaky skin. This season more than anything, you need to moisturize.

Moisturizers give the skin the much need moisture to combat the dryness that this season brings. You can use body butters like cocoa butter and Shea butter; these keep your skin lubricated all day long.

Do you remember Neutrogena Norwegian formula moisturizer? I used this product as a kid because I went to boarding school in a very cold part of Nigeria and surrounded by hills, you can imagine the intensity of the cold. By 10am, our skin would be white, dry and flaky. This Neutrogena Norwegian formula saved my skin!


I still adore this brand of Neutrogena because it is the ultimate moisturizer. You need a moisturizer that can keep your skin moisturized for an entire day, which this product does. Other brands I recommend are Jergens, Olay and Nivea.


Body oils much like body butters come handy during this cold season and the most effective I have tried is pouring the oil into my bath and stepping out of the bath without toweling and allowing to dry naturally on the body. This gives an all day moisture and lubrication.


This is the season for lip balms, lip glosses and moisturizing lipsticks. You do not want cracked lips so go for moisture.

Ditch pressed powders for luminous foundation or cream to powder. You do not need pressed powder as the sheer, dewy finish that luminous foundation provides gives the much needed shine that this season needs. You do not need a perfectly matte face this season.


Bring out all your cream makeup – cream eyeshadow, cream blush and creamy lipsticks or lip polish; this season needs the shine.

Products you could try:
Mary Kay luminous foundation
Mary Kay cream blush
And Mary Kay true dimensions lipstick – very moisturizing.

Keep warm and keep looking fabulous! And spread the holiday cheer!

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