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L’Oréal liquid matte lipsticks review

L’Oréal ultra matte lipsticks

I bought three shades of two different L’Oréal liquid matte lipsticks. The pink shade “I DECIDE” and the orange shade “I RADIATE” are liquid matte lipsticks that have a very light-weight texture. It feels like a velvety smooth, water-based serum at touch and when applied on the lips, it looks effortless and so light that you don’t realize that you are wearing lipstick. This lipstick can go from light to heavy, hence buildable coverage. Even though it is light-weight, it lasts the entire day. I particularly love the lipsticks. I absolutely love the applicator because it makes application easy and precise.

In the picture below, I applied the pink shade “I DECIDE” on my upper lip while the orange shade “I RADIATE” is on the lower lip. I love the orange shade because it is not bright, hot orange and looks somewhat coral in shade – soft but appealing.

The third lipstick is the L’Oréal ultra matte lipstick in a shade of “TASTY RUBY” 864. I absolutely love this shade of red! It’s a shade of red that can be noticed from away and the beautiful thing about this Tasty Ruby lipstick is that it is a statement makeup so you do not require that much makeup on your face.

The Ultra matte lipstick is in a class all by itself – the texture is much heavier than the two above, it is very creamy and offers full coverage even at a single application. This lipstick is ideal for a dramatic look or a good night out in town. This lipstick lasts all day and beyond – if you are a night owl, keep this lipstick close by because it will last even to the morning! Absolutely gorgeous!

My verdict?

5 out of 5. I can’t even fault these lipsticks! 😀



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