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Today was pretty much a tough day for me because it began with thunderous rain, which started to fall in the early hours of the morning which meant that by the time I got my kids ready for school, every where was flooded with large pools of water. Flooding is very peculiar to Lagos State where I live so usually when it rains non-stop like it has been doing over the past couple of days, it meant it could ground activities to a halt. In setting a good example for my kids to never quit or use weather conditions as excuses to not get things done, we braved the rain and the flood and went to school.

On my way out of the estate in which my kids’ school resided, I hit a sharp object in the water and immediately I could sense that I had burst my tyre as I saw a gush of air escape through the water. I managed to wade through the water and got to the express way only to find no help at all. Though I kept my cool, I was worried as I had left my nine-month-old baby asleep in the house with my husband who was meant to be getting prepared to leave for work. so in my can-do spirit, I decided that I would change my tyre by myself in the rain. By the time I got my tools out of the car, I realized that I had no idea how to release the spare tyre which was suspended underneath the SUV. Still not panicking, I resort to praying because I needed to go home. I prayed to God to send me helpers because I needed help that badly.

I wasn’t on my own for too long until two men braved the rain to help me with the tyre. I was so relieved. And as I drove home, I couldn’t help but say ‘Thank you God’ for the experience because my faith in humanity was renewed. I guess when you hear bad news in the media about stranded people getting mugged and all that nasty and scary news, you begin to think that everyone you meet is an assailant just waiting for an opportunity to pounce on you. It is scary, I must say but my faith in humanity was renewed today that two completely strange men who didn’t even know each other chose to help a stranger like me. It was an awesome experience.

I also was optimistic about my experience because in all honesty, I didn’t know how to change my car tyre and I kept nagging myself and asking myself what I would have done if this had happened in a deserted place. This experience gave me the opportunity to learn about the tools that I had in the car because those two patient gentlemen showed me what the tools were meant for and of course, what I had to do to release my suspended spare tyre from underneath the car. The experience also strengthen my faith in God as well because I was so helpless.

I guess for me, I have learnt to look beyond my problems and challenges; to see the blessings and the opportunity. I am annoyingly optimistic, I must say but I guess that has helped me over the years to stay positive and never to be panicky or to take things for granted. You know, after my experience, I realized that I could help others so I quickly sent messages to the parents and teachers in our Whatsapp group to be cautious in the water as they navigated their vehicles to and fro school.

I know that challenges can be frustrating but they are there to teach us lessons, to make us wiser and to improve the quality of our decision making. Rather than dwelling on the problem and its frustrations, try to keep a cool head and dwell rather on the gains [I know it is tough].



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