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Look like a celeb: must-have makeup trends

Get the celebrity look with these must-have tools making the rave across the globe. This month as part of my blog’s May online magazine, we are focusing on makeup tips and trends that can give us the flawless, picture perfect look that we desire.


Celebs do not just wake up to a million – dollar fabulous look; they, like us have imperfections but the difference between they and we regular people is that they have access to world-class teams of style and makeup gurus and innovative products that may seem far from our reach. But look no further, even you and I can look amazing too. Here are some key words you must remember if you desire the luxurious look; these products are:

~ Flawless
~ Camera -ready or picture perfect
~ Corrects and blurs imperfection
~ Luminous or glowing skin
~ Age defying

We are at the innovative age where makeup and skincare have collided to create a fusion of premium quality products that nourish our skin as well as correct and beautify. These products save time, money and effort as they are easy to use and shrink various stages of makeup into one single step. Imagine the era when you had to buy and apply moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation, powder, and bronzer one after the other. Wouldn’t you give anything to have one product do all of those functions and yet, make you look even more glamorous and luxurious? I would!

Jump on the trend: the BB & CC makeup trend

Blemish balms (BB creams) function as moisturizers, primers and provide good enough colour shade for light coverage, so you can do without foundation. BB creams moisturize, nourish your skin as well as treat your skin, they blur or hide imperfection as well as correct imperfections and you can be sure to benefit better skin with continuous use. This product can be used alone or as base for foundation or powder.

Colour Correcting creams (CC cream) even out skin tone, corrects skin discoloration as well as nourishes the skin, as some are age defying. Imagine a product that instantly gives you an even skin tone on the go! Talk of wonder.

There are various BB and CC creams out there but here are my favorites:


Smash box CC cream


Smash box camera ready BB cream blurs imperfection, providing a picture perfect or photo finish look.

Meet Garnier’s age defying BB cream


Garnier Miracle Skin perfector BB cream provides on the spot blurring of imperfection, as well as functions as primer, moisturizer, and anti aging by reducing fine lines and firming skin. Garnier also has BB cream for young people as well:


For we dark skin ladies, you will most likely not find your shade of BB creams in these products listed above but Iman has a wide collection of BB creams for dark skin and black women.

Iman BB creams: great for women of colour

Long-lasting, camera ready primers

Thank God for makeup primers! Gone is the era of struggles with shine control and makeup blending. These new generation of primers do more than provide base for flawless makeup; they are age-defying, hide imperfection and have long-lasting hold. What woman wants to keep frequenting rest rooms to “touch up their nose”? Very soon, this phrase would be a thing of the past. Imagine the freedom, the ease and comfort of having not to worry about your makeup, while remaining fabulous even after long hours!

Smash box photo finish foundation primer is an illuminating, oil free primer that keeps shine away for long hours, while providing a flawless, finish that makes you look terrific in pictures.

No7 airbrush away makeup primer is my personal favourite as I only use No7 primers. They provide fantastic shine control, last for very long hours – at least 8 hours and provide a smooth base for makeup. It is fantastic for photo finish look. You got to try this.

Revlon photo ready perfecting primer diffuses camera light to minimize imperfection as well as reduce fine lines and provide a soft canvas for a flawless look.

The multi-functional foundation
Don’t you just love a foundation that contains primer as well as concealer? Imagine how much time you could save. The Max Factor Face finity all day flawless 3-in-1 foundation does three things: it is a foundation, primer and concealer that last all day long!


The 24 hours magic in a bottle!
No need imagining this because Maybelline Super Stay 24 allows makeup to remain on your face for 24 hours! No dullness, stain free and stays matte!

You know how Friday nights are for you: the partying and the clubbing, plus staying awake all through the night soaked in the fun; and your face can remain matte all through the long hours stain free, smudge free and without the build up of shine. You go to love this product. This product was made for Hollywood in mind.

The HD Effect
High definition makeup minimize light so as to blur imperfection and make them invisible to cameras and human eye. They blur the appearance of imperfections as well as age-defying, providing shine free long-wear.

Smash box high definition Healthy FX foundation

Makeup Forever Mist & Fix makeup base provides a film that protects the skin as well as correct imperfections.

Makeup Forever HD primers

Makeup Forever HD powder

So, now you have a wide selection of trendy products to choose from for that flawless camera-ready Hollywood glam look.

Hope this post was useful. Cheers!

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