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Glaming up your look should be easy because it is easy. Really, your creativity is crucial if you want to look extra special to that special ocassion. Here are a few basic steps.

After cleansing your face of all dirt, apply a moisturizer to your face, followed by the foundation primer. If you’ve got oily or shiny face, apply a shine-free primer. Try Boots’ No. 7 Shine-control but you could always buy any other brand that works. Apply concealer on your eyelids to conceal any dark circle around the eye. If you’ve got some dark patches on your face, you could conceal them with the concealer as well. If using a concealer brush bothers you, use your finger tips. Thereafter, apply foundation and powder.

Follow with the eye makeup. While you could shape your eyebrows after applying shadows, I like to shape the brows first. If you are not comfortable with brow powders, use a brow pencil. just make sure you follow the natural shape of your brows. Do not pluck from above, rather use a brow cream to brush stubborn hair into shape.

Apply shadow primer or concealer on your eyelids as base so that the shadows will show much more intensity. If you want an even deeper look, you can always lightly swipe your shadow brush over the primer or concealer before picking the eye shadow colour. Eye makeup follows three stages: first, apply the shadow base which is a natural/neutral shade all over the eye lids. Next, use a mid-tone of whatever colour shades you’ve chosen to use to apply on the crease of your eyes. You can extend this to create a V at the corner of the eyes. Lastly, apply the deeper shade of the shadow or any other colour on the lower lid. To glam your look, apply shimmery shadow, preferable liquid shadow at the inside corner of the eye. Line your eyes and apply mascara. To volumnize, with the mascara tip, pick the lashes one at a time and follow with a volumnizing mascara or lash defining mascara.

To apply blush, simply smile and apply the blush on the apples of your cheek. But if contouring is what you desire, choose a darker shade of blush and making a fish mouth (press your lips together as though you are blowing kisses in the air) and you will find your cheek bone. Apply contour blush just below the cheek bone and to the hair line. Achieve a natural look by blending until it looks like you naturally have a slimmer face. You can highlight the cheek bone to the hair line, blend to meet with the contour so that it doesn’t look like there is a line between both colours. Remember to highlight your forehead, nose and chin. Follow with blush. You can always find highlighting powders in beauty stores.

For lip makeup, apply lip primer or balm, line your lips and apply gloss.

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