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Labelle Matte Lip Cream Review

Hi everyone, I recently got Labelle matte lip cream in four of my favorite shades; I was so anxious to try them all so I did exactly that in one day! Labelle is a UK-based makeup brand – new and promising. I love matte lipsticks as much as I love moisturizing lip sticks; one thing I know is that I love lipsticks more than lip glosses because lipsticks have long wear and I love long wear lipsticks because I don’t enjoy touching up my makeup from time to time – am not that self/makeup-absorbed!

My love for long wear lipsticks is what attracted me to Labelle matte lip cream. Imagine a creamy lip color that is smooth, light that goes completely dry and stay matte for long hours – that is what Labelle matte lip cream gives. Here is the swatch:

Shades from left to right are: Wild Child, Dare Me, Party Rock and Bare. So far, Party Rock is my favorite. So when applied, it’s really creamy but incredibly light weight, almost like water which is what I love about it because it doesn’t smudge. This is how it looks when dry:

The lip cream is easy to apply, it fills up the lips pretty fast so you don’t have to apply a lot and it dries within seconds of application as well. It stayed fresh and full on my lips for six good hours! And lasted for another two hours, but the coverage a little faded. The matte lip cream is true to its name – you can’t remove the lipstick by wiping it with your finger tips; you would have to use an oil-based makeup remover to remove it. I used olive oil. I love Labelle matte lip cream because it is long lasting plus very light-weight. For once, I didn’t even know I had lipstick on! 

MY VERDICT: Labelle matte lip cream is a must -have for people who love long-lasting makeup that does not disappoint even after eating and drinking. You can buy it online at http://www.labelle-uk.co.uk 

Here is my guide to applying Labelle matte lip cream – or any matte lipsticks.

1. Do not apply lipstick base as most lip bases have a drying effect that would further dry your lips and cause the matte lip cream to crease. Instead apply olive oil on your lips before applying the matte lip cream.

2. Be quick to apply the matte lip cream as it dries within seconds. It is best you apply on one lip at a time and avoid pressing your lips together so it doesn’t crease. By applying olive oil on your lips, it delays the drying of the lip cream, giving you enough time to blend and make adjustments before it dries.

3. Use only cream lip liners to line your lips as kohl pencils will not blend well on a matte lip.

So, do try out this brand and these simple tips.


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