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Instant glam with powder bronzing

With this technique, we put last thing first as the bronzing powder acts as our base.

Am sure you want that glowing look that celebrities have on the red carpet or while out having fun at night and wonder how they get to look so glamourous and glowy. Alot goes into it by the way but this technique that I am going to show you is easy and provides great result.

In the past, I have used liquid bronzers but I soon found out that they are not friendly to oily skin, plus the hot sunny weather that is Africa is unforgiving to liquid bronzers as they tend to melt in the heat. Imagine having your bronzer leak down your face. Well, the technique am going to show you beats our hot weather and is not too shiny even for day.

For this makeup, I used the following:

flori roberts bronzer Flori Roberts Bronzer

flori roberts liquid foundation Flori Roberts liquid foundation

Other tools are:

Flori Roberts concealer, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick

Prep your skin before you apply any makeup so make sure you cleanse and moisturize.

Next, with a kabuki or powder brush, apply the bronzing powder all over your face and under your chin and down to your neck. Blend, blend, blend to avoid smudges and do so by applying the brush in a circular motion.

Pour out some liquid foundation and with a brush apply a small amount – way smaller than you would normally use and apply to face. Blend in a circular motion until evenly distributed. You will get an instant glow, not shine. If your face is shiny, then you have used too much bronzing powder.

The next steps are easy as you follow with your blush and lip stick. Viola instant glow!

bronze goddess makeup

I will follow this post with bronzed skin using liquid bronzer and you can decide the one you like.


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  1. Beatrice Johnson avatar
    Beatrice Johnson

    I want to know if the flori roberts make up range suits people with oily skin?thanks.

  2. hi Beatrice, flori roberts makeup is oil-free so great for oily skin. The majority of Africans have oily skin coupled with our heat so you can imagine why Flori Roberts makeup is loved by Nigerians. Cheers

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