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Instant glam part 2: liquid bronzing and highlighting

This is a continuation from my previous post titled ‘Instant glam with bronzing powder’ which can be found here – http://enenaturals.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/instant-glam-with-powder-bronzing/

While we used bronzing powder for the earlier example, for the two examples shown below, I used liquid bronzers. Remember too that I mentioned in my earlier post that the African heat is unforgiving and unfriendly to liquid bronzers as such, powder bronzers are best suited for our weather. But that does not mean that we can’t use liquid bronzers. I recently purchased Sleek Glisten Me liquid bronzer which is what I used for the first makeup below.


Sleek Glisten Me bronzer

Flori Roberts liquid foundation

Flori Roberts powder

Sleek eye dust

My technique for applying both powder and liquid bronzer is the same: for me, the bronzer is my base. A note of caution while applying Sleek Glisten Me liquid bronzer – it is extremely shimmery so you must use only just a small amount. After I evenly distribute the liquid bronzer, I top it with Flori Roberts liquid foundation and luxury pressed powder as the powder seals it in place and helps to protect it from smearing when the African sun hits your skin. You do not want makeup dripping down your face at a party! Once this is done, the rest follows.

Here is my result:

makeup with Sleek glisten me liquid bronzer

And now, compare with Bobbi Brown Liquid bronzer

For this makeup, I used only the following tools:

Bobbi Brown liquid bronzer

Flori Roberts liquid foundation

Blush, eyeshadow, lipstick

This makeup is for a classic evening look this is why I did not apply loose powder over the bronzer. By evening time in Africa, the sun is down and the weather much more calmer and kinder to our makeup.

This is the result:

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