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Instant drama Lashes: Glam up a natural look

Hi guys,

How are you all doing? It’s been a while I blogged – life happened 😀.

I was recently invited to a social function but was at a lost for what makeup look to wear. Does this ever happen to you when you find yourself uninterested in being intentionally dolled up for an occasion? That happened to me so I turned to my strip lashes to do the work of adding glam to my face, rather than the natural look I was sure could dull an evening look.

If you love the natural look or not in the mood for an intense look for an evening event, then opt for full strip lashes to glam up your natural makeup.

Here are some simple tips to glam up your natural makeup.

1. Take time to apply a concealer a shade lighter under your eyes.

2. Apply foundation that is your true match all over your face and under your neck. But do not apply foundation over the concealer. For this look, I used Mary Kay Timewise Luminous foundation in Bronze 5.

3. Apply a powder that is a shade lighter than your own skin color only under the eyes where you applied concealer and on the forehead, the chin and around the mouth. Apply your true shade of powder on the rest of the face, remembering to brush down your neck.

4. Apply bronzer or bronzing powder on the cheek bones, forehead and chin.

5. Groom your brows. Apply a shimmer light to medium tone eyeshadow of your choice. I used a medium tone purple shimmer eyeshadow. To contour my eyes, I used a matte charcoal eyeshadow. I completed the eyes by applying bronze shimmer eyeshadow on the brow bone. 

6. For the instant drama effect, I used full volume angled strip lashes which came with its on adhesive. I applied it very close to my own lashes – on the lash line. And then, once dry, I used a lash curler to make it firm and to give it the curved shape. I lined my eyes with a black liquid felt tip eye liner and disregarded the lower eye line. 

7. Apply blush.

8. Apply lipstick. I used Zaron Mystic matte lipstick. 

Artificial lashes give your look an effortless drama. Strip lashes are easy to use and to remove and you don’t need a professional to fix them. Always keep a few at home for the days when an intense makeup look does not appeal to you.


4 responses to “Instant drama Lashes: Glam up a natural look”

  1. You’re gorgeous!

  2. Great post! Your lipstick colour is amazing!

  3. Thank you. Amazing, it’s made by a Nigerian company.

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