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Inside my makeup purse

As a lady, you must carry a makeup purse with you where ever you go because the ocassional touch-ups is necessary. If you want to transit from day makeup for the office to evening makeup after work hours, then certain makeup tools are necessary in your purse.

Personally, there are certain things I cannot do without in my makeup purse. I am not stuck on foundation so I would rather have my Flori Roberts oil blotting pressed powder in my purse. The content of my makeup purse also include;


gel eyeliner

cream eyeshadow

dramatic mascara


red lip gloss


I rather carry concealer, in stead of foundation because when you are tired and worned out at work and need to freshen up your look for an after work date, concealer is your best tool for waking up tired eyes. I carry cream shadow because it is easy to apply and I can use my finger! The biggest reason I carry gel eyeliner rather than a regular eye pencil is because I can use my gel eyeliner to create smokey eyes, by giving me a totally new look. Blush is important to me as well because it gives one that flushed look that changes the face instantly. My red lip gloss can take me from day to night any time.

When carrying a makeup purse, be practical and carry tools that have multi purpose functions!

So, your turn: tell me what makeup you cannot keep out of your makeup purse.

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