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In pursuit of short term resolutions in 2019

Happy New Year guys!

Hope your celebrations were lit because mine were. This Christmas and New Year season has been exciting and fun for me and my family. And now that the festivities are winding down, I am now planning towards accomplishing my first short term resolution for 2019 which is to expand my business and my brand.

I would usually make new resolutions every year that would guide me all through the year. But I realized that these resolutions are usually not easy to accomplish. So I decided that I would create monthly resolutions and goals that will help me improve myself and my business as a whole. With such short term targets, I can accomplish my goals easily and even be able to take stock as the months go by to help position me for the forth-coming months ahead. This is why I am ditching yearly resolutions for monthly goal setting.

The thing about yearly resolutions is that they are usually broad-based and have a lot to do with my desire for self-improvement but I realized that in the past, I wasn’t creating any particular strategy into how I was to accomplish these resolutions. So since I am an advocate for small victories, I am choosing to set monthly goals and resolutions for myself that will include strategies on how I hoped to accomplish these goals so that at the end of each month, I am either celebrating a small victory or re-positioning myself from past experience to correct my mistakes and to do better in the coming month. This is how I hope to accomplish my resolutions and goals for 2019.

What are your resolutions for 2019? How do you hope to accomplish them? My theme for 2019 is “better me and a more efficient me” which extends to both my personal life and my business. And to accomplish this, I am already setting monthly goals with activities that need to be accomplished for me to realize this dream of mine. So I wish myself good luck just as I wish you good luck in accomplishing your resolutions.



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  1. Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked my recent post! X

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