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I went classy to my daughter's school's PTA Christmas party

I love Christmas! Merry Christmas to you all!

Don’t you love Christmas parties? The atmosphere of pure joy and a room reeling with laughter and excitement gets me going. Just this past Friday, my daughter’s school hosted its PTA Christmas party and as expected, it was an interesting and fun-filled evening. Good music from the live band, good wine, good food, all mixed together with wonderful company of mums and dads made the night eventful for me. For this night event, I opted for a simple but classy makeup that was fit for a formal evening.


I decided for this look because I wanted to look subtle enough to be approachable. You don’t want to seem ‘offish’ in a school event because you are there to interact with your child’s teachers and other parents as well. A subtle but fab look sends the right message while making you feel good about yourself and confident of your overall appearance. PTA parties are like office parties; you don’t want to be over the top and neither do you want to compromise your look so go classy!

Have fun this Christmas!

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