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How to weather-proof and boost the staying power of Maybelline dream matte mouse


Hi guys,

When the Maybelline dream matte mouse foundation was first launched, I was reluctant to try it because I was concerned that the African heat might not be too forgiving with this product. I was in fact right because I realized that after wearing this foundation, and I stepped out in the African heat, the makeup soon disappeared with the sweat. I noticed that when I began to sweat and dabbed handkerchief on my face, the makeup would wipe off, leaving patches on my face which was not pleasing at all.

In spite of this, I loved and still love the foundation for its texture. I love the soft, fluffy texture and like the name implied, mousse-like nature of the foundation. If you, like me, love light to medium coverage makeup for the flawless, au naturel finish, then you will love this foundation because it has build able coverage – meaning, you can build the intensity of coverage you want by applying in stages without it looking cakey or excessive.

So, while I loved this product, the weather wasn’t helping me that much. So began the experimenting. In the end, I discovered that the Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation needed a powdery base to provide some sort of support. Naturally, any translucent powder should do but then again, the African heat makes us sweat profusely so the only product that came to mind as the most weather-proof, active defense against sweat was – corn flour!


Corn flour is super absorbent with sweat as well as control shine and excessive oil for the oily skin so naturally, it was my go to product.

So, these are the steps I take to weather-proof and boost the staying power of Maybelline dream matte mousse:

Step 1: I cleanse my face of dirt.
Step 2: I moisturize with an oil free moisturizer
Step 3: I apply foundation primer
Step 4: I apply corn flour all over my face and dust off excessive powder
Step 5: With my finger, I apply concealer underneath my eyes and follow with Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation. I realized that the foundation blends even better, smoother and more flawlessly when applied with my finger tips.
Step 6: I follow with Flori Roberts oil free pressed powder, which puts a final seal on the foundation.

I go ahead to complete my makeup and once done, I am out of the door. I still do sweat but when I do, it forms tiny pellets of water floating over my makeup such that once I pat dry, my makeup remains intact, without staining the handkerchief but my face stays dry, matte and flawless.


So this is how I have continued to enjoy Maybelline dream matte mousse without caring about the African heat.

Tell me, what do you do to make your makeup last longer?


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