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How to protect your skin during hot weather

It is summer all year round in Nigeria and in most part of Africa. So the weather is extremely hot. Global warming has been nothing but unkind; it feels as though the sun is literally over our heads. Heat rash and itching have become common skin ailments.

Some common signs of heat on the skin are sun burn, heat rash and itching. Your body itches when the skin cells are clogged and moisture is trapped under your skin. So not only do you itch, you break into rash as well.

So, how do you protect your skin under such harsh weather? By keeping your skin hydrated. When the weather is hot, you must switch from dense body creams to light weight moisturizing lotions that contain aloe Vera or cucumber which will keep your skin hydrated and free from being clogged by heavy creams that cause heat rash.

Second, exfoliate more. Since heavy creams leave deposit of dead cells on the skin, exfoliating regularly to unclog your pores is very important. You can buy a body scrub to be used all over your body or make your own out of raw oats. Unclogging your pores helps the skin to breathe.

Third, wear light clothing during the hot weather. Breathable fabrics like cotton do not retain sweat, which will help your skin in the long run. Wear hats and sun glasses to protect your face.

Fourth, do not step out of the house without wearing sunscreen to prevent sun burn. If you have been burnt by the sun, avoid the sun, take a cool shower and apply aloe Vera over the burnt area. This will give you relief much faster.

Fifth, fastest cure for heat rash is antiseptic powder which you should apply over the affected area. It will cool the skin as well as keep the area dry and free of sweat. 


During the hot summer weather, what you need is light weight, mineral or water based makeup that allows your skin to breathe. You should seriously consider ditching your cream to powder foundation during this weather as they are usually dense. Go for light weight liquid foundations that won’t clog your pores.

You also need a loose powder or finishing powders like transluscent powders. They help to absorb sweat which is good for the skin.

Because heat means sweat and sweat means your makeup might not last or be cakey, keep your makeup as light as possible. The lighter it is, the better your skin would be as light makeup helps your skin to breathe and do not clog pores. 

For the makeup above, I used Mary Kay Timewise Liquid Foundation in Bronze 5, Flori Roberts oil absorbing powder and Zaron transluscent powder to finish it off. 

Take care of your skin.


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