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How to choose the right foundation for your skin

When choosing the foundation to wear, its suitability with your skin type is as important as its quality or brand. When buying foundation, look out for its composition as foundation can be oil based, water based or mineral based and suited for different skin types. Other factors to consider when buying foundation is the purpose for which you want it to serve. Do you have spots or blemishes to conceal; do you desire luminous glow for your normal skin or you desire a flawless finish for your flawless skin? This is why foundation come as light coverage, medium or full coverage; as luminous effect or simply sheer. Whatever your makeup need, there is a foundation for everyone.


I get this a lot and is why I am writing this post; many women do not know the right foundation type for their skin type! This is why I hear things like this brand works, or no, that does not work. All foundations work; you are just using the wrong stuff.

To start with, know your skin type. Do you have normal or combination skin? Do you have oily or dry skin? Another factor to consider is whether or not you have anything like spots or blemishes to conceal. So, to know your skin type, begin with your T zone which is your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. If your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin are shinny, then you have oily skin. If your skin is prone to pimples, then you have oily skin. That is how to know you have oily skin. But if you have shinny nose while the rest of the T zone is not shinny, then you have combination skin. Dry skin is usually shine free but dry and sometimes flaky. Normal skin type is shine free, spots and pimples free.

Now that you know your skin type, here are the different types of foundation: foundation types do not necessarily mean the forms in which they are presented but its composition.

Oil-based foundation can come in creme, liquid and stick form. It is best for dry skin.
Mineral-based and water-based foundation is best for oily skin.
Luminous foundation adds glow but does not sit well with oily skin so most suitable for normal and dry skin.


Sheer foundation provides light coverage and is suitable to all skin types so long as you have no blemishes to conceal. Sleek New skin Revive liquid foundation provides sheer coverage and is why many Nigerian women think it is no good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this foundation; just don’t wear it if you have blemishes to conceal. However, It is especially difficult for this foundation to sit well on an oily skin in our hot, temperate weather. It does not last long.


Medium coverage foundation provides a good enough coverage and usually come as liquid, which is good because they contain moisturizing benefits. Mary Kay medium coverage foundation sits well on all skin types.

Full coverage foundation are mostly presented as creme or stick foundation and provide enough coverage to conceal blemishes. If the foundation is oil free, then an oily skin can use it. However, many full coverage foundation in creme and stick are usually too heavy on an oily skin and do not allow the skin to breathe. So if you have blemishes, go easy on it. And at the end of the day, please cleanse your face before bedtime so your skin can breathe.


Foundations are presented in various forms; sometimes depending on their types and functions.

Liquid foundation: My favourite form of foundation is liquid because I live a foundation that gives me a flawless, natural finish; and I always go easy on makeup so liquid is my go-to foundation. Liquid foundation could provide either sheer or medium coverage and are easy to apply with my finger tips. Liquid foundations are suitable to all skin types and if you have oily skin, go for Mary Kay Timewise matte liquid foundation which blots shine. It provides long wear and is so convenient to use, you do not need to wear any powder over it.


Creme or stick foundation: provides full coverage, except otherwise stated! Try Flori Roberts stick foundation – it is smooth, creamy and moisturizing. If you have oily skin, use with caution.

Luminous foundation: This adds glow to the complexion and with this, you do not need to apply bronzers but if you have oily skin, it will not do you as much good as it would normal skin because luminous means shine while your oily skin is already shinny!


Foundation mousse is the new cool for most skin because it is a light weight formula and one that moisturizes as well. It is especially difficult for people with oily skin to wear it in the African heat as it cannot take the heat.


Powder foundation: this dual functioning foundation is presented in powder form as such “kills two birds with one stone!” Meaning you do not need to buy foundation and powder separately. It works well with all skin types and is convenient. Try Mary Kay powder foundation; you will love it.

If you are pleased with this post, please share with us the foundation you use and why.


9 responses to “How to choose the right foundation for your skin”

  1. Love this post. Very helpful.

  2. Please what are the shades of Mary Kay timewise foundation?

  3. There are from 1 to 8. That’s all. 1 being lightest and 8 being darkest

  4. I am interested in the flori roberts cream to powder foundation as well as its stick foundation.
    I wear Hazelnut/ Beautiful bronze in Black opal even true foundation so i wish to know the matching shade in Flori roberts foundation. Thank you.

  5. Hi Kemi, you can conveniently use Flori Roberts Hazelnut foundation

  6. As a makeup artist, what basic shades should one get in the Mary Kay timewise foundation?

  7. pls comment on combination skin.

  8. Hi Ene. Please Ihave a dry sensitive skin and I read about Mary Kay timewise luminous liquid foundation. . . do you think it is good and I use a 607/600 shade in MC foundation. Do u think I should go for the timewise and if yes, what bronze shade or if not, what do you think of black up or any one you can recommend. Thanks.

  9. Hi, Mary Kay luminous is great for dry skin but as regard your sensitive skin, you need to go to a store which would test it on you; do not buy immediately until you wear it for a whole day. If no adverse reaction, you can go back and buy. I can’t tell your shade; it should be tested on your skin before purchase

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