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Herbs and spices for a trim body

As part of enjoying a luxury Christmas, which is what this month’s theme is all about –


Staying trim and fit this Christmas should be your priority. Christmas usually exposes us to way too much foods and with family and friends around for the holiday; and with complimentary happiness, we tend to over eat and stuff ourselves. This Christmas could be different if we adopt the habit of consuming healthy foods that can help keep us trim and aid weight loss. This post contains herbs and spices that I have used during my weight loss battles to stay healthy, trim and slimmer. However, I must warn that there are no short cuts to losing weight as successful weight losses usually entails a holistic approach of exercise, dieting, and lifestyle changes. When I was trying to lose tummy fat, I not only took some of these herbs and spices, but engaged in exercises as well. My favourite exercise till date is planking.

This post is meant to show you a much healthier, safer option to a trimmer body without engaging in extreme measures. Some of these herbs and spices that aid trimmer, slimmer body and weight loss in general are:

Cinnamon is a spice that I cannot do without as I have always used it in cooking. I use it to treat heart burn by making a drink of water and half tea spoon of cinnamon with honey. Once I drink this, I belch and the heartburn or indigestion is gone. Besides this benefit, cinnamon regulates blood sugar as well as lower cholesterol. All you need is half teaspoon of cinnamon and warm water. Pour the cinnamon into warm water, stir and drink.

Image courtesy http://www.healthdairies.com

Like cinnamon, cayenne pepper treats heart burn, indigestion and flatulence. It also helps the body burn excess fat, as well as reduce caloric intake as it reduces appetite for food.

Image courtesy http://www.globalhealingcenter.com

Much like curry, turmeric has been found to regulate body fat thereby aiding weight loss. In some societies, people chew curry leaves for weight loss. Personally, I use turmeric as a skin care astringent and for treating common cold, as well as using is as food colouring.

Image courtesy http://www.wholesalespice.com

Personally, I use ginger in treating cold and flu; and also in making drinks. However, studies have shown that eating ginger suppresses appetite, thereby aiding weight management.

Image courtesy http://www.healthyfoodhouse.com

According to studies, black pepper contains piperine, which blocks the formation of new fat tissues as well as burn calories. I personally use black pepper in treating cold and flu as well as use it in cooking.

Image courtesy http://www.bbc.co.uk

Chickweed plays a significant role in weight management as it suppresses appetite. It can also be used to treat cough and skin rash.
I brew chickweed by boiling it fresh and drinking the water after it is cool.


Green teas contain catechin which lowers cholesterol and body fat. If you can’t handle caffein, go for decaffeinated green tea.

These herbs and spices are quiet common; but while you consume them, do exercise and cut down on fat inducing foods. Remember that you need exercise to tone your muscles and prevent flabby skin.


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  1. I am an indian girl and so happy that these spices are already incorporated in our food..really like ur post..pls visit me and let me know how u find it..wud really appreciate

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