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Happy international women’s day

Happy international women’s day!

I am always excited about IWD because it is a special day dedicated to promoting the call for gender equality, fairness and no discrimination against women. For a female entrepreneur such as I, it is such a difficult task to run a viable or successful business while running a home and taking care of the kids and even extended family members. When we try to grow our businesses, even accessing finance is difficult for us by virtue of our gender. It seems as though the society is in a ploy to frustrate female entrepreneurs. But we are rising above such challenges and also learning to depend on one another to achieve the goals and aspirations that we have.

So here’s a toast to every girl and woman out there and to everyone fighting for gender equality, inclusiveness and fairness in the workplace and in the society in general. The world needs powerful women so we have to work collectively to raise power women.



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