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Happy birthday Nigeria!

Nigeria turned 53 yesterday October 1, 2013. In the spirit of the celebration, I decided to theme this month’s edition of online magazine around my country’s Indepence.


For this edition, I drew inspiration from my national colour, which is green to create this intense, high drama makeup for this cover. Green represents so much to we Nigerians, and while it may represent our rich vegetation, it also means recreation, birth, blessing and forever youth to us. I am very proud of this look because it’s dramatic flair represents how complex and highly bold we Nigerians are as a people. We are very loud, daring and expressive people, so you can understand what went through my mind when I conceived this look.


To the many Nigerians still celebrating, I say Happy birthday to you!

Whilst the struggle continues, we continue to thrive and conquer;

And whilst the hurdles seem insurmountable, we will continue to triumph.

Here is to you Nigerians!

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