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Glowing skin naturally: Lighter, fairer You

Image courtesy:www.eatingwell.com
Image courtesy:www.eatingwell.com

Body lotions alone cannot give you a glowing lighter skin; you need good nutrition. Uneven skin tone and discoloration are common with Black women, as such, we are constantly looking for skin care products that will brighten our complexion. Our harsh sun, coupled with lifestyle of stress, insufficient sleep all add up to dull our complexion. Our skin needs adequate sleep for the growth and renewal of skin cells so it is important that we sleep well

Eating well too is very important for beautiful, glowing skin. To start with, you need meals rich in vitamins and one that is balanced. You also need foods rich in antioxidants that fight off impurities to reveal brighter, glowing complexion. Here are a few:

Papaya: This anti oxidant rids the skin of impurities as well as give a brighter complexion.




Milk, cucumber, turmeric, oatmeal, coconut milk


SCRUB: Oatmeal and cucumber paste make good scrub for a brighter complexion. You can cook the oats or use it raw while cucumber can be mashed or blended to paste. Combine the two and use as scrub.

CLEANSER: Milk and lemon. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to 90ml liquid milk. Use cotton wool to cleanse face and neck.

Milk & lemon cleanser for skin brightening
Milk & lemon cleanser for skin brightening

MASK: Papaya and oatmeal make great mask for skin brightening.


If you have been sun-burnt or have dark circles, then you will need:

90ml liquid milk

cucumber paste


You start by mixing oatmeal with milk to scrub the face, then you combine milk with cucumber paste to cleanse the face. Rinse out with water. You same alternate between these three ingredients for papaya to use as mask.

To prevent sun burn, you must use lotions with SPF 15 as minimum. In extreme cases, I recommend Sebamed Sun cream products:

Sebamed 50+ sun cream

5 responses to “Glowing skin naturally: Lighter, fairer You”

  1. Awesome post! As you know, I love using food on my skin! LOL! It sounds odd, but it beats using a bunch of chemicals!

  2. Hi girl, you are so right! And you know what’s best? There are no side effects!

  3. Hi, i think i like this & would want to try especially for the dark circles around my eyes. Abt the oatmeal, is the regular Quaker oats sold in the market or……? and can i use any kind of milk?

  4. Hi Patience, yes any oats will do and so milk. Thanks

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