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Glam grey: wow with double lashes

Glamorous makeup, double lashes, makeup by Bronzegoddess nigeria




shadow colours I have been sampling are grey, ashy tones. I have also been playing with double lashes as well. I love natural lashes, especially Ardell Demi lashes because they give you the natural look that you want. And when I want to create the wow effect without using heavy lashes, I use double lashes per eye lid.  Here is the Ardell Demi lashes I used:


Ardell lashes, angled lashes



I love this lash for its shape and it is so lightweight, even when doubled, it remains very light.

Other tools used for this makeup include

MAC Studio tech

Flori Roberts concealer

Indelible gel eyeliner in Black Out

HD powder


Soft pink lips

Because the eyes were strong, I opted for soft pink lips. The over all makeup is classy but soft.

Makeup by Bronzegoddess nigeria

4 responses to “Glam grey: wow with double lashes”

  1. Thank you Nicole, am glad you liked it.

  2. I love the eyes, so striking! Great job 🙂

  3. Thank you very much.

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