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Get the radiant look for your wedding… Naturally

If your wedding day is just in a few weeks or less, managing stress should be your utmost priority because nothing is as bad as having a stressed bride. Those naughty wrinkles and break outs do have a way of creeping out of your skin if you put yourself under too much stress. You might have to consider delegation. If you have figured out your makeup need for your wedding – probably you sought a professional makeup artist. Still, you need to pamper your skin if you want a radiant look for your wedding. Here are a few tips, all of which are within your reach and natural.

Your face:

Face scrub: You can actually apply dry oats to a wet face and gently scrub your face. The rough texture of the oats acts as gentle exfoliator. If you like, you could combine cooked oatmeal with olive oil as face scrub.

Facial cleanser:

Tomatoes contain vitamin C and potassium, plus its acidic nature helps to make it the perfect cleanser for the face.

You can also blend cucumber and mix it with milk and use to cleanse your face. For dark circles around the eye or to heal your eyes of wrinkles and puffiness, use the mixture as an eye mask.

Your Body:

Body scrub: Once again, oats come handy as a scrub. Combine oats with yoghurt, which contains both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties or enjoy the vitamin c found in fruits.

For a brighter skin, blend paw-paw also known as papaya, add a pinch of salt as preservative and oats as body scrub or cleanser.

These natural ingredients will keep you looking younger and radiant for your wedding.

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