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Get the mature look

Hi all,

I am blogging again about mature makeup because I worry when mature women makeup like teenagers or young girls by wearing multiple eye colour makeup that is tacky, cheap and childish and does little for one’s personality. Mature does not mean old and outdated; rather, mature is sophisticated, classy, clean and glamorous.

Mature makeup should be age appropriate, clean, simple and elegant. By adopting this, one actually looks much younger and youthful. When you apply makeup like a young person, you actually look older as it presents to people that you are trying way too much to look young.

Here is my guide to a sophisticated classy, elegant and glamorous makeup:

– Keep it simple

– Try as much as possible to keep your eye makeup one tone

– Go easy on shimmer makeup as it emphasizes wrinkles

– Less is more


I wore this makeup today to my kids’ school PTA Christmas party. It is a very simple makeup that is mature, sophisticated and classy.

For this look, I wore:

Flori Roberts concealer under my eyes
Flori Roberts foundation
Flori Roberts pressed powder
Flori Roberts bronzer, which I applied on my forehead, cheek bones, tip of my nose, and chin (that is my T zones) for highlights.
I used Flori Roberts brandy blush and Mary Kay Fire cracker lipstick.

On my eyes, I used a soft shade of brown charcoal eyeshadow while I smudged Flori Roberts smudge eye liner on my eyes. I highlighted my brow bones with a soft shade of bronze shimmer eye shadow.

Go on, be youthful by embracing the mature, elegant look!


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