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Get a slimmer face

So, you want a slimmer face without surgery? Here is a simple tip on how to achieve that with your makeup. You really don’t have to be a makeup artist or adopt every face contouring technique; a simple tip is all you need. For a glamourous example of perfectly contoured face, draw inspiration from Kimora Lee Simmons. But you are no celebrity with your own makeup artist, so the step highlighted below is simple enough for you to achieve a slimmer face.


* Kimora Lee Simmons








* some shades of blush for contouring for black women


1. After applying foundation and powder, get a blush that is a shade or two darker than your complexion; one which can create an illusion of depth. Remember, a slimmer face is an illusion, so your goal is to create depth that defines your face. Sometimes, you might need to blend two shades of blush to create a unique shade.

2. Sink your cheeks in and with a brush, apply blush along your cheek bone to the ear.

3. To further define the contour, apply a stroke of highlighter or bronzer along your cheek bone





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