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Frame your face

… With perfect eye brows

Shaping of eye brows follow very simple steps that should be easy for anyone. To begin, you need a tweezer or preferably, a blade. If you must tweeze, numb the area by applying ice block on the skin which alleviates pain. 


Tweezer or blade, baby scissors, eye brow wand or brush, eye brow pencil or powder; and concealer

To begin with, knowing where the eyebrow should begin and end is important. The picture below indicate the point where an eyebrow should begin and where it should end at an angle to the eye.












Step 1:








With your eye brow wand (please use clean wands and not your mascara wand!) or brush, brush out the hairs upwards; you will notice hairs growing out of their natural line. To make eye brow shaping easy for you, follow your natural hair line; unless you are equipped to change the shape.

Next, with a colour pencil, trace the natural line of your eyebrows and then with a baby scissors, trim out the excess hair that is running out of the line. You can further use a tweezer or blade to remove excess hair. With the blade pressed against your skin, shave off excess hair from around your eye brows for a clean finish.  







Step 2:


You can fill the brows with brow pencil or powder. Begin by drawing a thin line with a brow pencil along the line of the brows. Use the wand or brush to fill the line into the brow hairs to give a much natural look.

If you have concealer or cream foundation, you can dab an eyebrow brush into the concealer or foundation, press it against skin of the eyebrow to create a neat frame. Concealers help perfect eyebrow shape especially in areas where the line might have been jagged.


If  you follow these simple steps, you should find it easy to achieve a perfect finish.

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  1. your eyebrows are perfect! love the pic with the head wrap at the end. are you nigerian?

  2. hi Pattie, yes, I am Nigerian. I’m glad you loved the pix. cheers!

  3. […] Step 4: Fill your brows. Your eye brow begins in proportion to the inner corner of the eye and ends at the outer corner. Dark skinned and medium complexion use dark brown to medium brown brow pencils or powder while fair skinned people use light brown pencils or powder for filling eye brows. Eye brow tutorial here: http://bronzegoddessnig.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/frame-your-face/ […]

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