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Factors inhibiting radiant skin


Hi guys, how you doing? Fabulous I bet!

Well, am blogging about skin care again; forgive me. I am so passionate about this because I consult daily to men and women about skin issues and I am amazed that people are oblivious about the effect of the environment on skin health.

I live in tropical Africa where the sun is scourging hot. With such temperature,  you can expect dehydration,  sun burn and dull complexion. This temperature is very wrong for skin bleaching but I guess people do not know that the harsh ingredients in skin bleaching creams and most skin lightening products do not go well with the sun. It is just not a good mix.

My typical day begins with a mail or chat for help; telling me how he or she wants me to recommend a skin lightening product to combat dull complexion. And then, I hear phrases like “I want to be three shades lighter” or “I want your skin” or “I need fast action”. The expectations Nigerians have of beauty products can be daunting; the average Nigerian believes that the only solution to radiant, healthy skin is the right beauty products.

Of course not! You could have the right beauty product and it still won’t work. Beauty is skin deep – so while you are eating unhealthy skin and clogging your arteries and preventing the free circulation of oxygen and removal of waste, you are making it difficult for your skin to produce the right amount of collagen and all the goodies your skin needs.

Remember this: your body needs oxygen to be circulated so that toxens can be removed;  which in turn, helps the production of collagen. EAT HEALTHY FOODS.

Secondly, as long as you live in Africa or any hot region, the sun is your enemy. So please make friends with Sunscreen. Always go for SPF 50+,  at least SPF 45 if you live in Africa. People always tell me that sun creams darken them. Well, I suppose they feel so because they turn the sun cream into their face cream. You will need a face cream separate from the sun cream. And you apply the sun cream 15minutes before you step out. You can also keep it in your bag so that much later in the afternoon when you need to leave your desk to head into the sun that you wash or clean your face first and then apply sunscreen again. You should not go out into the sun without sun protection.

Besides the kinds of food you eat and the sun, other factors inhibiting your quest for a radiant,  healthy skin is stress, alcohol, tobacco and lack of exercise which leads to dehydration in some cases and poor oxygen circulation in most cases.

Another factor against radiant skin is poor beauty regime. When I tell people to visit spas monthly, they frown and say it’s too expensive. You need to understand that beauty products work better on skin that is free of dead cells and clogged pores. This is why I recommend an invigorating and rejuvenating body polishing that begins with dry brushing. At my spa, I have a special mix that we use on clients. Meet my exfoliating sugar scrub:


This sugar scrub contains organic brown sugar enriched with green tea, argan oil, vitamin c, lemon and turmeric. This product is a brightening, invigorating and rejuvenating scrub that removes dead cells as well as unclog pores for free circulation of oxygen. Your skin will breathe again, feel nature fresh and brighter. When you do this, it prepares the perfect foundation for creams or lotions to work.

I have been doing this for two years now; I don’t get free radicals but clear skin.


So remember that you can’t rely on creams and lotions alone to get the brighter, radiant complexion that you seek. You need to dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle that keeps you away from toxens and a conscious effort into protecting your skin from enviromental dangers and harmful  personal lifestyle.

Got a question? Am happy to help.

Take care of your skin! Cheers!

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