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Eyeshadow idea: Pink eye makeup for the pink snub

A pink snub is someone who abhors pink as a color or find pink too risqué. For some people, pink connotes childishness and tend to stay away from it. Personally, I am a pink snub because I am bombarded by pink in girls section of departmental stores or the over commercialization of pink in kids clothing. I think that they are enough beautiful colors to restrict girls to one single color – Pink!

I like pink though for its vibrancy. Pink is fun, girlie, flirty and exciting. So for someone who wants to draw this positivity in the pink color into my makeup, this is what I came up with:


This look was pretty easy. For the eye makeup, I used:
17 Wild Midnight blue shimmer cream eye shadow
2 different shades of pink from my palette
Maybelline eye studio drama gel liner
17 va va voom mascara


On the eyes, I first of all applied 17 Wild Midnight blue cream shimmer eye shadow with my finger tips on the eye lids. After blending with my finger, I took my contour brush and used a matte deep pink eye shadow on the crease of the eye. I went one line above the crease to complete the contouring, remembering to extend the contouring a little outside the outer corner of my eyes to create wings. To highlight the brow bone area above the crease, I used a very light shade of pink shimmer eye shadow. I lined the upper lids with Maybelline Eye studio drama gel liner and followed with 17 va va voom mascara. Because I wasn’t going to line the lower eye lid, I dabbed silver shimmer eye shadow on the inner corner of the eyes for a fresh finish.

On the lips, I used L.A. Colors lipstick when I realized I had no pink lipstick in my collection at home. At the studio, I have different shades of pink that I use on clients but personally, I had no pink lipsticks at all.

This look is clean but definitely more mature for a pink snub who doesn’t want to look childish.


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