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Eyeshadow ideas

Eye popping blue…

Makeup by Nigerian makeup artist

I love strong eyes for the statement that they make. Simple. As a teenager, I wore my eye liner bold and strong because this was how I was raised – modeling after my mum whose signature look is smokey eyes, even before it became a makeup trend.

Over the years, I have come to love color cream eyeliner so for this makeup, I used:

1, Indelible Gel eye liner in Peacock


2, Flori Roberts liquid eye liner ‘black’ to line lash lines

3, Sky blue eyeshadow from my 122 shadow palette

4, Mary Kay Timewise foundation matte wear

5, Flori Roberts pressed powder

LIPS: Nude.


After applying the blue eyeshadow and the gel eye liner, I had to line the lash lines on both eye lids with Flori Roberts liquid liner to achieve even stronger eyes.

I went with nude lips because the eyes did enough statement. If you noticed, I wore my natural hair in this picture and I thought strong eyes would balance the simple hair do and nude lips.

What you think?


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3 thoughts on “Eye popping blue…

  1. Hi girl,
    Am glad we’ve been communicating via email. In my experience and studies, I found many causes of breakouts which I will be exploring soon. Makeup is rarely the culprit as you will find. Thanks

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