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Easy makeup during pregnancy

Beat pregnancy blues by looking radiantly beautiful during pregnancy. You can achieve basic, simple makeup that is stress free but will give your face the needed glow to beat the pregnancy gloom.


* Pregnant Alicia Keys


Here are a few tips:


Moisturizer: – should be light-weight, oil-free

foundation primer

white talc powder

Loose/pressed powder


coloured eye pencil


lip gloss



– After cleansing, apply oil-free moisturizer

– once the moisturizer has been absorbed into skin, apply foundation primer

– With your finger tips, apply concealer under your eyes, blending into skin to avoid marks or lines.

– Pour white talc powder unto palm, slap both palms together to remove excess talc and rub all over your face. The talc powder controls sweat and oil.

– Apply pressed powder

– For simple, instant pop in your eyes, use coloured eye pencils instead. Go for colours like midnight blue, dark green, even dark purple to give an instant pop.

– Do apply blush as it gives a flushed appearance to your cheeks that your face needs.

– Apply lip gloss

These are very easy, simple steps that you can adopt without the hassles of applying foundation. If you live in Africa where it is very hot, you do not need foundation.

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