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Easy, chic makeup for office Christmas party


So, Christmas is here again; and we expect office End-of-year parties as well. When the year winds down, work schedules go up as companies rush to meet annual goals and targets; so certainly, your work load goes up as well. In the midst of this, is the office party you might not be ready for.

But do not worry. You do not need to pack a specialty makeup bag for the office party as you can comfortably go from day to night with this makeup tip. Here is what you need:

Luminous foundation alone – buy Mary Kay Timewise luminous foundation
A simple creamy, moisturizing lipstick. For this example, I used Mary Kay ginger bread lipstick
Blush – you can carry one or use same lipstick as blush
Eye liner


This makeup tip is simple and quick. Just go into the rest room, wash the stress off your face, allow to dry and moisturize your face.
Begin by applying concealer under your eyes
Then apply luminous foundation on your face. You do not need any powder what so ever. The luminous foundation gives a sheer finish that is great for a night out.

And then, apply your lipstick on your eye lids as cream eye shadow. Or you could pack regular eye shadow if you like.
Line the upper lash line with eye liner. Skip the lower lash line.
Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks.
Apply red lipstick. I used Mary Kay Fire cracker

And you are done in 5 minutes!

This look is simple, chic and vintage. If you live a high stressed life, this is your go -to makeup.

Happy holidays!


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