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Drug store makeup review

When it comes to makeup, I go for products that are easy to use, serves its intended purpose and accentuate my natural beauty so I don’t go for anything extreme. As I approach forty, I am also going for makeup products that are lightweight and won’t clog my pores and ones that give a fresh, youthful finish. I don’t necessarily have to buy everything that is anti-aging because I currently use my natural skincare line of anti-aging products available Here which are doing my skin a ton of good; I go for lightweight makeup products because they give the most natural feel without emphasizing wrinkles or age lines.

So on my recent trip to Boots, I bought:

1.Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation with hydrating serum which offers long wear, full coverage and a satin finish that a mature skin like mine needs. It blends so easily and gets absorbed pretty well by my skin. This has been a perfect replacement for my Maybelline dream matte mousse. This product has my four stars rather than five because I didn’t find my exact shade.

2. I currently use MAC mineral pressed powder and since I didn’t buy from Boots, I chose not to include the picture here. It gives a natural finish that I love.

3. I also bought Maybelline Instant anti-age eraser concealer that is totally amazing! You can see the fine lines disappear! This product has my 5 stars vote!

Maybelline instant anti-age eraser concealer

4. I also bought Maybelline city bronzer for the soft sheer finish. This bronzer is soft and the shimmer intensity very low so it’s ideal for day time use. I combine this bronzing powder with my MAC mineral powder when I don’t want to use foundation.

5. Maybelline tattoo brow is a fantastic product that I am glad I bought. This gel brow makeup is easy to apply and makes brow sculpting easy as well. I give this gel brow liner 5 stars.

6. Maybelline Eye studio kajal. This kajal or eye liner gives a defining look, gives the drama that you like and is long lasting. It is very easy to apply and I loved the finished look that I went back to buy a second one! I give this product 5 stars.

7. My next buy was Maybelline Colossal Big Shot volume mascara for intense drama and the artificial lash finish. I always use this product or MAC mascara because either gives the intensity that I like. This product has my 5 stars.

8. I am most excited about L’Oreal Ultra matte liquid lipstick. To start with, I love the brush because it’s firm and makes application precise and not messy. And when it dries and mattifies, it stays for 24 hours. I actually bought three of this lipstick. I give it 5 stars.

So with all of these products, it was pretty easy to create an evening look that is simple and youthful.

These are now my favorite drug store beauty products. What are yours?


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