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Drinking black tea can cause constipation

I drink herbal teas a lot and I realized early enough that teas that contain caffeine are not good for me as I am susceptible to constipation and its attendant bloating. I had learnt to only buy decaffeinated green teas but I forgot about black teas completely.

Black teas are so common for drinking with one’s breakfast or at other times of the day that they are readily available, very cheap and most commonly consumed. I grew up drinking English black teas but over the years, black teas have become more of a digestive problem than anything else. I also realized that as I got older, my body became sensitive to foods that my body otherwise accepted so black teas are in this category. While I am a huge fan of earl grey teas, other black teas are causing more troubles for my belly than anything else. So I made a resolve that if I don’t get decaffeinated teas to drink, then I would have to forgo drinking teas altogether.

Some of these common black teas contain caffeine which tends to enhance the amounts of water being lost by the body making stools drier and difficult to pass. When this happens, constipation occurs. And of course, bloating follows because your stomach is full of gas caused by the caffeine.

While green teas and other herbal teas especially senna and peppermint can help relief digestive problems, black teas however make it worse. So if you are seeking to buy teas of any kind, make sure it is clearly labeled decaffeinated. And if you want to relief constipation, take foods high in fiber or take an over the counter medication.

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