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Dreadlocks made easy

Whether temporarily or permanently, dreadlocking is a much easier hair style to wear these days and you need not spend so much money to wear it as it is affordable and easy to manage. While it demands relocking, it is quiet an easy hair style. Many folks I know lock their hair all by themselves but I prefer professional touch any day.

I am not much of a hair-extension loving person and neither do I fancy hair dryers so for long, I have always worn my hair short. But I was getting bored with my hair, so my hair stylist suggested that I wore dreadlocks either permanently or temporarily and now, after haven carried it for a couple of weeks, I believe this hair was made for me.  so, here are a few steps to locking your hair:

Step 1: Tools

The tools include:

A hard flat hair brush (Like ones used for shoe polishing) – it must be really hard to work your hair down to the roots.

Spritz hold

Sheen spray 


Natural honey 

Hard, strong net wrapped around your palm (much like the nets used for fishing)

Face towel

Step 2:

Comb out your hair and apply the hard brush with much pressure moving in circular motion or clockwise. You do this for some time twirling the hair from the roots around the brush. This stage is quiet a tough one as you must apply the brush with vigour until your hair get twisted.

Step 3:

Apply spritz hair spray to your hair for extra hold. Afterwards, wrap a hard net (preferrably ones made out of rubber fibres with holes in between) around your palm and begin to move your palms in circular motion or clockwise with much pressure. You will find the hair turning into fine twists. Make sure that you do not apply anti-clockwise motions on parts of the hair where you must have gone clockwise as this will loosen the twist. Keep twisting the hair until you see that the hair has separated into fine twists.  

Step 4:

Apply beeswax unto your hair and continue to twist with the net still wrapped around your palm.

Step 5:

Apply sheen spray and continue twisting.

Step 6:

Apply natural honey as this helps to bond the twisted hair. Continue twisting hair in circular motions. Once you see that you have attained the desired lock, you wrap a thick face towel around your palm and continue twisting. Face towels not only remove excess oil but the pressure also helps to further twist the hair.

Once you’ve done that, you’ve gotten your dreadlocks.

Useful tips to maintaining dreadlocks

You must not wash your hair for the first two months of locking your hair as it will loosen the locks.

Secondly, you have to relock the hair every now and then when you find the twists loosening.

And third, wear a hair net to bed at night so you don’t mess your hair.

3 responses to “Dreadlocks made easy”

  1. Agboola Modupe avatar
    Agboola Modupe

    Sweetheart, all of these steps does not look easy o. One may end up taking a lot of paracetamol afterwards.

    I’ve watched my hairstylist do it on ladies a couple of time and I must confess, each time, I feel sorry for those clients. Sometimes I am actually the one complaining and requesting that he takes it easy.

    I think every lady should do whatever she feels comfortable and good with. Look at me all these years, I’m yet to change from low cut.

    Cheers. Dupe.

  2. hi, sweet of you to follow my blog. how you doing? actually, dredlocks are as easy as i described it to be. i used to have a stylist who applied so much force, my head ached. but i have a new one now. i actually lock my dreads myself at home and it isn’t force but technique that matters. cheers!

  3. I’ve been locking my hair now for about a year and half and I did start with about the same method you described here but it failed because of the beeswax and the idea of not washing your hair. After 2 months of the method I decided to go for another and so far it’s been brilliant.
    The interlocking method holds your hair better and yes you can wash your hair as the hair needs water yo help it stay moisturise and of course clean. Look it up on YouTube, I’m sure you’ll prefer it.

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