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DIY Wood wax polish

I used wood polish sprays in the past but ever since I began making things on my own and living organically, I no longer head out to the store to buy things without asking myself, “can I make it?” If yes, then I would definitely make it. At the moment, besides owning my organic skincare line, I make my own detergents, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner and fragrance. So the decision to make my own wood polish with wax came pretty easy. So I asked myself – what does a wax polish need? Lubricant and wax of course! So that was how I started my own wood polish wax that can also be used as a neutral shoe polish. 

You only need three ingredients to make your own DIY wood wax polish/shoe polish:

1. Bleached palm oil 

2. Beeswax

3. Essential oil for Fragrance (optional)

Here are the very simple steps to making your own wood wax polish/shoe polish at home:

1. Bleach the palm oil. Palm oil is bright red and stains so by bleaching it, you are sort of “de-dying” (😀) it. Palm oil is heavy and greasy thus perfect lubricant.

Bleached palm oil

To bleach palm oil, heat it in a sauce pan over medium heat until it turns golden color and resembles peanut oil. You will notice the palm oil changes from a dense texture to a lighter one.

2. Add beeswax to the bleached palm oil and allow to melt and dissolve completely .

Beeswax in bleached palm oil

Once the beeswax is completely dissolved, take the mix off heat and allow to cool. You will find the oil and wax combo harden as it cools.

3. Once completely cool to room temperature, whisk with a mixer and add a few drops of organic fragrance and mix until creamy like a body butter.

Wood wax polish

You can store in a cool dry place to use when needed to polish wood furniture or shoes. As seen in the picture, the wood furniture is polished and remains dust free for days. The natural lubricant keeps furniture durable and long lasting and prevents cracks caused by water residue or harsh weather.

To use, apply the polish on a dry cloth before polishing.

Last word:

Water is bad for wood furniture as it causes wood to swell and crack. It causes it to build mould too. So waxing is best.

Do share some of your DIY tips with us! Happy to hear from you.


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