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DIY facial for anti-ageing

If you are passed mid-30s, then you should be using anti-ageing products when doing facial treatments at home or at spa. Any spa using generic products for mature skin has no clue how important it is to treat specific skin type with specific skin care products. While wrinkles appear much later in life, for others, wrinkles appear rather early, as such, you might have to start using anti-wrinkle products much earlier than expected.

Causes of wrinkle

Besides sign of ageing, wrinkles are caused by dryness in the skin and lack of elasticity in the skin. This happens because you have dry skin or because you have not spent good time pampering and nurturing your skin with adequate moisturizers.

Secondly, modern living takes a toll on our skin. So while you are struggling with busy work schedules, the stress is having more harmful effect on your skin than you know.

Alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep – all are harmful to your skin and can cause premature ageing.

Fourth, poor eating habits and nutrition can cause ageing as well.

Anti-Ageing Products that work

Clarins anti-ageing products are fantastic! If you have cash to spare, try them.

Olay Regenerist product range is great too.

Adrein Arpel has proven to be effective

Boots No. 7 has products for ages 25 to 60 and above.


So, you want to do your own facial all by yourself at home? Here are some useful tips.

Glycerine and honey mixed together are great for cleansing.

A mixture of honey, carrot juice and soda bicarbonate acts as good mask.

Egg white alone is a great mask.

Treatment for wrinkles

Try relaxing body, face and mind more often. Spend good money on anti-ageing products, especially ones proven to work.

Good luck staying young


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