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DIY Face primer & shine control

I have used a variety of face primers and in the past when I ran out of primer, my go to product was Fruit of the earth Aloe vera gel and this is because it is very soft, velvety smooth and cool to the skin which is great for humid temperatures. But because it is not much of an oil control or shine control product, I wanted more so I searched the Web. 

What I love about DIY primers on the Web is that the ingredients are natural or organic, easy to make, cheap and very effective. So, here is my own recipe:


To make an all natural, chemical free face primer, you will need :

1. 20% glycerine

2. 20% fruit of the earth Aloe vera gel or any brand

3. 30% witch hazel

4. 30% water

5. 10 – 15 drops of lemon essential oil

Both glycerin and aloe vera gel are soft, velvety smooth that leaves your skin feeling silky which is a great base for applying foundation and make great moisturizers. combining water, makes it even richer and helps to keep your skin hydrated. 

Witch hazel and lemon oil are great for oily skin because they keep shine away, rid acne and brighten your skin.

I now use this primer daily and my makeup lasts the entire day! Do give it a try!


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