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Defining eye lining

Hi guys, how are you doing today? Fabulous I bet.


Today, my post is on defining eye lining because as a natural girl, I tend to use natural shadow tones on my eyes because it is more me. So I go for
earthy tones – shades that blend with my chocolate complexion. However, I turn to my eye liners to create the needed effect. Eye liners come in various forms – pencils, markers, kajal, liquid, cream or kohl, I use them all. I use my eye liners to define my eyes because it is easy, quick and creates need effect or results. So here are my top looks:

Look 1: Fresh & clean


This is the simplest and easiest way of lining the eyes. For this look, I used kohl black eye pencil to line my eye lids. This opens my eyes and gives a fresh look.

Look 2: Fresh and fun


Color eye liners give the eyes an instant pop without much effort. For this look, I used blue gel eye liner.

Look 3: Going Retro: Cat eyes


Cat eyes are sexy, clean and dramatic. It comes handy when you need the eye liner to create the drama, rather than the shadows. I used gel eye liner on the eyes.

Look 4: Smokey eyes


Smokey eyes are sexy, great for a night out and easy to apply. With this look, I used blue gel eyeliner mixed with dark eyeliner which I applied on the eyes. Black matte eyeshadow came handy in creating the smoke.

Look 5: Truly classy


This is my go-to look as the eye lining extends my eyes and help to give it a more defined shape. By joining the lining at the inner corner of the eye (the tear duct area) and extending the lining outwards, you create the perfect definition.

Look 6: Girl next door


This look comes handy when I want a fun look to match my cheerful disposition. Rather than line your eyes from the inner corner of the eye, you begin a little further out, making sure to link both lower and upper eye lids at the outer corner of the eye. For this look, I used kohl eye pencil.

These are my top six favorite ways to line my eyes. As you can see, the eyeshadow application was minimal in all looks so I relied on the eye lining to define my eyes. They are quick and easy for the woman on the go.

Hope you liked it. Comments are appreciated.


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  1. Great post! My faves are eye look 1,3 &5! love your eyebrows btw! xx

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