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Dark eyes, nude lips

Hi guys, how you doing? Bet you staying beautiful, because I am doing all I can to stay beautiful! If you noticed, I don’t blog as often as I should because my schedules are tight; it is so hard to get the words out. So with little time, I always reach for quick and easy time busting ways to look beautiful [and apply makeup] while saving on time.

For one, I nourish my skin with good food and natural products that give me a great skin. So with a good skin, you don’t need too much makeup as you don’t need anything to conceal, which saves time.

Secondly, I can’t do without my concealer. I always buy one a shade lighter than my skin color to give the under of my eyes the freshness that they need.

Third, I speak with my lips. Since my eyes are bare most times, I go for lipsticks that speak like red, purple, satin, etc.

Four, to create the much needed drama, I go for dark eyes and bare lips.

Dark eyes are quick and easy because all you need are dark shadows but for this look, I had a little bit of extra time on my hand. To start with, I applied red shadows all over my eye lids and past the crease. Afterwards, I applied dark shadows to the lower crease, put on some artificial lashes, a stroke of blush and MAC satin lips and I was done. Real quick and easy. Dark eyes make perfect evening makeup look.

Tell me, what are your quick and easy tips for time busting makeup application?


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