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Creating strong, bold lips

Creating a strong, confident and even sexy look doesn’t necessary have to be all about creating dramatic eye makeup. When it comes to creating a bold look, sometimes, bold and strong lipsticks like red, purple and dark colors help to accentuate that bold, confident and sophisticated look you want, without necessarily spending so much time on the eye makeup. 

It’s common makeup sense that bold lips should be complemented by barely there au naturel eye makeup that is effortless. So in creating my strong, bold lips, I used the following:

LA Color concealer, Maybelline dream matte foundation, Inglot translucent finishing powder, Flori Roberts pressed powder, Mark Kay mascara, blush from my palette, and the all important item – Labelle matte lip cream (Wild Child)

Here are a few things to consider in creating strong, bold lips:

A bare face or eye makeup helps to keep focus on the lips, rather than the eyes competing with the lips. I kept my eyes soft by using earthy tone eyeshadow and brow highlighter than blended with my skin color. I ditched my eyeliner and used my Mary Kay mascara for my lashes.

Because a bare face keeps focus on the lips, rely on the right amount of highlighting and shading to keep your face looking bright and radiant. I used an LA Color concealer which is two shades lighter for under my eyes and the rest of my T Zone to create the right highlighting. For the rest of my face, I used my right shade of Maybelline dream matte foundation. Inglot translucent finishing powder sealed my highlights and a few brush strokes of powder bronzer on my cheek bone and T Zone further sealed the highlighting. 

You also don’t necessarily need an eye liner but if you must, keep it simple.

My Labelle lip matte cream in shade of Wild Child did a fantastic job in creating the perfect strong lips.

Hope you like this look because I enjoyed wearing it. 

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