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Coping with anxieties

Until recently, I was doing fine after having managed my anxiety so well all through 2018. And then I received some news and I am back to being anxious again. As an adult and a parent, worrying is part of the deal – I worry about my kids and the future; I can become anxious just from watching the news! I have learnt not to be “hypnotized” by all the negative news but it is equally not easy living in “ignorance is bliss” psychology.

Being someone who turns to medication as the last resort, I always try to deal with situations from a more holistic and natural point that gives me lasting results. So to cope with these anxieties, I am now taking things slow. I am taking each day as it comes, I am getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising; I am maintaining a positive mindset and I do this by listening to soul uplifting music as soon as I wake up. Music has been my therapy in coping with anxieties and emotional challenges.

I am also depending solely on God. As a Christian, our faith is tested in uncertainties and since I can not control the future, I am learning to cast my burdens on God because he cares and only he can give me the peace that I need. So while an expectant about the future, I am equally learning not to worry too much because worrying cannot change my future.

I don’t know what you do to help you deal with anxieties but my sure steps have always been good sleep, healthy diet, good music, exercise and prayer. How do you cope with anxieties? What worries you the most? I would love to hear from you!



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