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A view from the Canadian Rockies 

Hi guys,

Last weekend, my family and I went to Banff to enjoy the rocks and the breath-taking beauty that the Banff National Park offers. The short drive to Banff started off foggy but as we advanced on the winding road, the skies were clearer presenting an opportunity to enjoy the mountain view. 

When we finally arrived Banff, the rocky town held me in awe – beautiful rocky and forest landscapes with soft, fluffy snow drops creating a beauty ascent on the rocks, trees and grass. Though there were lots of activities to do, we chose to ride in the cable car at the Gondola. Here are views from the top: 

If you love vacationing as much as I do, if ever you find yourself in Canada, visit Banff in the Alberta region – stay for a night or more and go hiking, camping, water cruising, cable car riding or simply relax at the resort – you will never regret visiting.

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Weekend away at destination wedding: IITA Ibadan

When we received invitation to a friend’s destination wedding to take place at IITA in Ibadan, Oyo state of Nigeria, I wondered why anyone would marry at a research institute. IITA is the international institute of tropical agriculture, with research institute in one of Africa’s oldest and largest cities, Ibadan.

Ibadan is merely an hour and thirty minutes car drive from Lagos where I live but I have never been there. But as we drove through this dusty, rusty city, I came to see how much history the city held.

The IITA research institute is situated at the outskirts of town and as we drove into the incredibly green and expanse premise, it felt nothing but nature. We were so close to nature with its incredibly green landscape of thick forest reserve, towering palm trees and several other tropical trees, lush green lawns and enlightening green houses. The place was a haven of serenity, tranquility and peace. This research institute offered hotel accommodations with recreational facilities, culture-bias restaurant for fine wining and dining. The bar also offered fine refreshments, wining and good music. I was pleased that my friends were able to conduct traditional marriage rites, the church service and reception all on the premise! This is your perfect nigerian destination wedding.


 Recreational activities include bicycle riding on the institutes well mapped roads, swimming, sports activities; the kids even have a playground to keep them busy. This is a vacation destination for the whole family.

I especially loved wining and dining at the restaurant and open bar. The meals are cheap and remarkably fresh as all foods are grown on the premises! The meals were the best part of my stay.

  Do not expect five star accommodation though as the lodging accommodation the institute provides were dormitories which had been converted into hotel rooms. Notwithstanding, this did not take away the richness of the place but further complemented the academic environment appeal. 

If you live in Nigeria or ever visit Nigeria, visit IITA and you will love its commitment to nature. Even the gifts I bought from the corporate store was evident of this as the institutes sponsors the local women group in arts and crafts. 

These bangles and pen case were made out of water hyacinth plants. I love nature so if you do, here’s a vacation destination you can add to your list.